Julio Iglesias

What person in this world has not been touched by the fantastic music of the great artist and singer Julio Iglesias?

Perhaps your parents played the music of Julio Iglesias as you where playing around the house or maybe did you dance your first dance with your partner to a song of the great Julio Iglesias?

Who can forget incredible Julio Iglesias songs like Manuela, Por el Amor de una mujer, Pobre Diablo, El Amor and Me Olvide de vivir?

When I was young I did not want to hear music like the music of Julio Iglesias but as I become a teenager and girls started becoming interesting also the music of Julio Iglesias started becoming interesting.

I don’t think its a conicidence that the music of Mr. Julio Iglesias became interesting to me as I discovered the world of girls as its all passion and lust.

If you happen to be one of the very few people on this planet not familiar with the artist Julio Iglesias then I recommend you to watch the fantastic BBC documentary of Julio Iglesias that the BBC made on him and his amazing life about 8 years ago.

The BBC documentary on Julio Iglesias you can easily find on YouTube these days and if you aren’t familiar with the artist then you sure aren’t familiar with his music then I recommend you to immediately go on YouTube and listen to some of my favorite songs by Julio.

Some of my favorite songs by Julio include: El Amor, Quiereme Mucho, Pobre Diablo and Manuela.

I often listen to the songs of Julio Iglesias while playing online-roulette einfach erklärt. How do you like the artist Julio Iglesias and his music? Perhaps you prefer the more modern pop music of his son Enrique Iglesias?

All the best,

Eric Johnsson